DPU 3016WM/3016OD

ZISA  DPU 3016 OD/3016 WM

16 Ports G.fast DPU


              Indoor Type 3016 WM                                                       Outdoor Type 3016 OD                                                            


The emergence of OTT videos and 4K TV is accelerating ultra-broadband network deployments. Fiber to the home (FTTH) is a good solution to offer ultra-broadband service, but is costly and difficult to deploy services due to complicated construction works.

G.fast, which reuses existing copper resources to reach speeds comparable to FTTH (1,000 Mbit/s), is well-suited to brownfield areas. Featuring faster access, faster deployment, and faster return on investment, G.fast is attracting increasing industry attention.

ZISA DPU 3016 wall mount series has a series of 16-port G.fast DPU wall mount models:

DPU 3016 WM, which is indoor type

DPU 3016 OD, which is outdoor type

DPU 3016 wall mount series accepts AC90~264V local power.

The service sets for DPU 3016 Wall mount Series are IPTV, HSIA, and cVoIP. Together with advanced Ethernet OAM, it also targets for business services for copper wired Multi-tenant Units.

As following block diagram, DPU 3016 wall mount series supports software selectable (1) 2.5G / 1G SFP interface, (2) 1G SFP / UTP combo interface as its uplink interface.


DPU 3016 wall mount series G.fast link supports

  • Profile 106a, spectrum up to 106 MHz bandwidth at 4 dBm transmit power
  • 16-port vectoring (crosstalk cancellation) with linear precoding now, and will support nonlinear precoding in the future when standards are clearly defined
  • Programmable Time-Division Duplexing, to accommodate different asymmetry ratios of downstream/upstream (80/20 and 50/50)
  • Full start up sequence takes less than 20 sec, and the fast retrain time, including 16-port vectoring, is under 2 sec.
  • Tolerant of inside wire impairments and changing noise conditions
  • Fast On-Line Reconfiguration (FRA) to cope with Channel/DPU 3016 series management structure
  • Follows BBF G.fast recommendations and TR-167, the DPU and G.fast SFP modem are treated as a GPON fed remote DSLAM
  • Currently supports CLI/WEB/SNMP management, and will add the Netconf protocol and Yang data modeling for G.997.2.
  • The GPON feed/GPON SFP ONT are managed by OMCI messages from the OLT.


Product Detail,ZISA-Communication Never Stops,ZISA, Communication Never Stops!

Product Detail-ZISA-Communication Never Stops

Product Detail,ZISA-Communication Never Stops