Controller | AC93/94/95

The businesses of today are demanding ever greater flexibility and security from their wireless networks to keep up in a world where things move fast. ZISA’s new Auranet CAP series delivers that and more. CAP access points work together with Auranet Wireless Controllers to provide scalable solutions with exceptional Wi-Fi performance and easy deployment.



Device InterfaceSix 1000 Gigabit Ethernet 

Chassis19-inch 2U Rackmount 

Power Supply220V VAC 

Power Consumption80

Application Scenario3000 Terminals 


Device InterfaceSix 1000 Gigabit Ethernet + 2*10 GE SFP 

Chassis19-inch 2U Rackmount 

Power Supply220V VAC 

Power Consumption100

Application Scenario5000 Terminals 


Device InterfaceSix 1000 Gigabit Ethernet + 2*10 GE SFP

Chassis19-inch 2U Rackmount 

Power Supply220V VAC 

Power Consumption120

Application Scenario7500 Terminals 


l   Reliable Gateway performance features DPI-based (Deep Packet Inspection) traffic shaping. 

l   All-in-one routers offer a robust set of gateway, DPI-based traffic shaping, AC control, portal authentication features, providing capital efficiency by reducing initial installation cost. 

l   Access from multiple external networks is allowed, delivering bandwidth aggregation and load balancing. 

l   Industry-leading DPI signature database is able to recognize up to 3200 applications, enhancing the efficient application-based routing and optimizing bandwidth usage. 

l   DPI signature database is updated each week and delivers more accuracy to traffic shaping. 

l   Integrated smart AC control supports unified management of AP. 

l   The series enables accurate control based on websites and applications. 

l   Over 10 portal authentication methods provide uncompromising operational excellence for all types of application scenarios and business requirements. 

l   The series offers a platform for digital marketing, supporting accurate, fast and customized marketing. 

l   Powered by ZISA Cloud, its unified management delivers remote management, simplifying operations and reducing maintenance cost.

l   Tencent Cloud and ZISA’s innovative IP Separation protect the network from any security threats. 

l   ZISA trusted products adhere to Computer Information System Security Product Sales License issued by the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China. 

l   The series offers over 100 innovative techniques to meet the networking needs of businesses of all sizes.


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