G.fast DSLAM | MA5818
Chassis 96port G.fast DSLAM
MA5818 provides VDSL Vectoring, G.fast port, and support 10G GPON, GPON and GE Uplink ports.
The MA5818 provides VDSL2/G.fast user port and GPON/XG-PON/GE/10GE upstream transmission modes, and can be used in fiber to the building (FTTB), fiber to the curb (FTTC), and fiber to the door (FTTD) scenarios that demand high bandwidth access.Supports 96 channels of G.fast access and capacity expansion.


CCUE control board CCUC control board
Dimensions (H×W×D) 88.1mm × 442mm × 245mm

Network-side port The MA5818 supports the following configurations:
• 1 ×10G GPON 
• 2 × GE


User-side port the MA5818 provides four slots and the following 10 service boards:
• 24-channel G.fast board (G.fast, over POTS, built-in SPL) 
• 32-channel VDSL2 Super Vectoring board (35b, over POTS, built-in SPL) 
• 48-channel VDSL2 board (17a, over POTS, built-in SPL) 
• 16-channel G.SHDSL board (supporting ATM and PTM) 
• P2P board with 4 GE ( combo of optical port and electrical port) + 4 FE (optical port) 

Operating temperature -40℃ to 65℃; 

startup at -25℃ -40℃ to 65℃;

Humidity 5% to 95% ( non-condensing )
Heat dissipation mode Providing fans for heat dissipation. 

The rotating speed can be automatically adjusted.

Providing fans for heat dissipation. 

Power supply 

AC: 220 V/110 V
DC: -48 V AC: 220 V/110 V

Weight 4.8 kg (empty chassis)
7.2 kg (full configuration)

Product Detail


GPON and GE Uplink


VDSL2/ADSL2/SHDSL/Vectoring Board


482.6 mm x 245 mm x 88.1 mm

Working Temperature

-40 to 85 C

DC Working voltage range

-38.4 V DC to -72 V DC

AC Working voltage range

90 V AC to 264 V AC


32-port ADSL2 Card


32-port VDSL2 Card


16-port SHDSL Card


32-port Vectoring Card

Product Keywords

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