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  • STMicroele ctronics

    STMicroele ctronics is a global independent semiconductor company and a leader in developing and providing semiconductor solutions in the field of microelectronics applications. Relying on the perfect combination of silicon wafer and system technology, strong manufacturing strength, comprehensive knowledge product (IP) combination and strong strategic partners, STMicroele ctronics has unparalleled strength and ranks first in the field of system-level chip (SoC) technology. Its products play an important role in promoting the current aggregation trend.

    Main product series:
    EMI filtering and signal regulation, MEMS and sensors, NFC, safety microcontroller, protection device, memory, motor driver, PSU management, diode and rectifier

    Application fields:
    Industrial/automation, medical electronic communications

  • Texas Instruments

    Texas Instruments (TI) is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. We are always committed to providing innovative semiconductor technologies to help our customers develop the world's most advanced electronic products. Our analog, embedded processing and wireless technologies continue to penetrate into all aspects of life, from digital communication and entertainment to medical services, automobile systems and a wide range of applications. At the beginning of TI's development, the company's goal was to use the company's unique technical ability to fundamentally subvert the traditional market and create a brand new market. Our development process has always run through a clear main line, which is to use more and more advanced real-time signal processing technology to realize the progress from quantitative change to qualitative change and to truly and continuously change the world.

    Main product series:
    Amplifier, audio clock and timing, Data Converter, bare metal and wafer service, DLPR products, interfaces, isolation devices, logic, microcontroller (MCU), motor driver, PSU management

    Application fields:
    Consumer electronics medical electronic instrument communication/network traffic/car

  • NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU

    Accelerate the important work of today's era

    NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU can achieve excellent acceleration in different scales for AI, data analysis, and HPC application scenarios, effectively helping higher-performance elastic data centers. A100 adopts NVIDIA Ampere architecture and is the engine of NVIDIA data center platform. The performance of A100 is up to 20 times higher than that of the previous generation, and can be divided into seven GPU instances to dynamically adjust according to changing requirements. A100 provides 40GB and 80GB memory versions. A100 80GB doubles GPU memory and provides ultra-fast memory bandwidth (more than 2 trillion bytes per second [TB/s]), which can process ultra-large models and datasets.

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